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Pursuing the qualifications you need to launch a new career or advance in your current job is exciting. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time though – between work, family commitments, children and life in general, fitting in training can seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way – with Selmar you can study our child care courses, aged care courses and business courses Distance. Distance training delivery at Selmar means you can get qualified without attending classes. This means students have the flexibility to study in a way that best suits your individual lifestyle.


Practical Work Placement

Practical placement is incorporated for students studying child care and aged care courses, so you gain the benefits of hands-on training. Our priority is ensuring you are job-ready.


Trainer support — from start to finish

Distance students are provided all the support they need on their learning journey with an experienced and dedicated trainer guiding you throughout your course. You are able to call and email for help as you need it. Plus, if your course includes practical placement, your trainer will visit you there too. If you want  your training to fit in with your lifestyle, or you have challenges such as transport or existing commitments that prevent you from attending classes, Selmar’s Distance delivery mode could be right for you. To learn more about our distance delivery mode, our courses, trainers and how we can help you get you started, call our friendly course advisors or complete an online enquiry below.

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Selmar’s course advisors are the best people for you to speak to about finding a delivery mode that suits your goals and your lifestyle. Get in touch and start studying your way with Selmar. Call 1300 223 040 now or make an enquiry!

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