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From the very beginning we have asked ourselves the fundamental question, ‘when do we stop learning?’

The answer is ‘we never stop learning’.

We continue to use this understanding as a catalyst to inspire our approach to delivering quality learning, teaching and life experiences at Selmar Institute of Education. We believe education has the power to connect you to new ideas, a broad range of experiences, qualifications and networks that enhance your life – both in and beyond the classroom.

We believe our approach to education provides you with the ability to unlock your potential and create better opportunities for life. Lessons not just for today, but lessons for the future as well. Our personal and specialised approach to teaching, curriculum and study lifestyle is critical to our success.

By creating environments across Australia that offer care as well as tuition, we inspire students to open up and leave their comfort zones to explore new learning possibilities.

Our name represents the proud, personal and collaborative approach adopted by our principals from the very beginning. Our identity represents the clarity, confidence and opportunity education and professional development provides. Together, they represent the shared journey of change for our students and our partners, empowering progress towards a better future.


Qualification is just the beginning

Selmar educates in countless ways: as teacher, trainer, collaborator, tour guide, life coach, career advisor or business partner. We constantly explore the most creative and productive ways to provide tailored learning solutions with relevance to both your career, life and business.

We are fortunate to have expert staff, industry experience and respected relationships with institutions, brands and communities. Our networks help you access and identify new opportunities. Our guidance offers a clear path for how to achieve and exceed your goals.

We look forward to bringing you the best in Australian education – allowing you to build the knowledge and confidence to unlock your potential.

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